Who we are

Finesse Internet was founded by Adrian Gosling and Richard Brayshaw in 2001, who had actually already worked together as a successful, award winning Web Site project management team for several years prior to this, dating right back to the early days of the emergence of The Web as the new global marketplace.

Since then the company has evolved from being a pure Web Site development team, to one which specialises in a range of digital services, reflecting the phenomenal growth and diversification of the internet itself.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that we are always well positioned to harness all appropriate technologies and channels to maximise benefit to your business. Although we are equally keen to ensure we are able to advise you on things you don’t need.

Also, one of our strongest USP’s is our vast experience and ability in evaluating and analysing your specific needs and being able to offer pro-active, creative input to help you achieve the best possible results.

Our relationship with Finesse Internet goes back many years to when we first employed their services to design and set up our web site. They very quickly gained an understanding of our operation and what we wanted to achieve with our site, and considering the brief they were given in the first instance, have been very successful. Our...

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