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Richard J Galloway
Author of Amantarra

Testimonial Detail:

As a writer I initially tend to picture the scenes that make up a plot as vague concepts. For example; a wooded hill with the light from a low sun casting long shadows across a carpet of blue flowers, was a setting I got from an image on my computer. Once I had the setting, the idea for the action that would make up the scene started as an ambiguous set of emotions, concepts and images. This was worked up into a character being pursued through the wood by something sinister until finally.... well I'm not going to tell you, you'll have to wait for the second book.

At this point you're probably wondering what this has to do with Finesse Internet.

When I was specifying what I wanted on my website for the launch of my book "Amantarra", I applied the same principles that I use when writing. This meant that my specification was no more than an ambiguous set of emotions, concepts and images. I think the phrase "the scheme should be fairly dark and moody, but not depressing " was probably as descriptive as it got. As an artist I knew I would like what I saw, when I saw it, but would Finesse be able to produce it from my vague requirements? I'm afraid I wasn't very much help.

The completed site did indeed tick all the boxes. It is dark and moody, and I did like it the moment I saw it. All the technical bits, like the buy links to Amazon, were in place as you would expect, but there is more going than just nuts and bolts. The site is a window into the fantastic world of Amantarra, it had to feel right, and it does. Finesse Internet are not just techies, there's an artist in there as well.

Richard J Galloway - author of Amantarra (book 1 of the Ascension of Valheel trilogy)

Richard J Galloway - Author of Amantarra, R J Galloway