Social Media

Social Media has recently gone through the kind of explosive growth that the web experienced in its earlier days, and if used correctly can offer a whole new range of direct and indirect benefits to you and your customers.

Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn or one of the more niche or fledgling Social Media outlets, we will help and advise you on how to ‘round the circle’ and use them effectively in tandem with your Web Site.

As well as the benefits of offering scope for increased interactivity with your customers and by association great direct opportunities for brand management and enhancement and improving your promotions, sales and customer service, Social Media also offers excellent SEO benefits, so it pays to get it right!

We commissioned Finesse to develop a relatively complex web and database system for HSBC. Finesse quickly and innovatively interpreted the initial brief to deliver a system which if anything exceeded expectations. The project was completed exactly on time and for a budget which represented a significant saving on the alternative options that we had available to us. These...

 Benn Dunn - Head of Marketing, First Direct - read full testimonial